Welcome to Sweden

Welcome to Sweden

About Whitepouches UK

We the people behind White Pouches are committed to our broad customer range. We believe in the simple truth of doing everything as professional as possible. We work with VIP offers, weekly promotions, competitions and many other great treats to our beloved customers.

From Candy to Snus

In our shop, you can buy lots of amazing products, from delightful Swedish candy to nicotine pouches. We also provide Non-nicotine pouches as a perfect way if you want to quit.

Located in the middle of Sweden

Our warehouse and office are based in the middle part of Sweden. All our products are stored in a perfect temperature environment. This ensures high-quality handling of your order. Together with our shipping partner DHL, we can provide superfast delivery time. During a normal workweek, we ship to the UK within 24-48 hours.

If you have questions contact us at support@whitepouches.com.